The year so far

So people, after a few months off from band stuff while Jules wasin Singapore, Love Street is finally back together for our first run of gigs this year. 

We spent a few days rehearsing the set to make sure we hadn't forgotten too much, added a couple of new things and then set off for the first gig of 2016: Elfia. Our favourite festival in the Netherlands which we were headlining this year (having opened it for the last two years!). It was so, so lovely to see all our old friends there again and as usual we spent the week after it feeling very depressed and missing everyone…Post Elfia Depression? Something like that. But we're hoping to see at least some of our Elfia family again soon in June when we're back in the Netherlands again. Yay!

When we got back from Elfia we received the very sad news that Brian Lee (who provided artwork for Susanna and Both Sides of the Door) had passed away. He was such a talented artist and staunch believer in Love Street, we were truly blessed to have known him for the short while that we did and all so sad to lose him, such a free, beautiful, generous soul…even if he was constantly trying to get in my knickers at every given opportunity! 

And continuing with the theme of death (cheerful, I know!) we had a blast playing to the fantastic crowd at the Steve Smith Memorial Weekend. It was nice to give John's dear friend, talented musician and guitar luthier the send off any musician would have wanted.

And in other news, we've finally booked in some more studio time so I might be able to get some fiddle parts down to some of the track on the new album. Almost a year later! Watch this space for more updates!

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