February, bit of snow, bit of ice and lots of things nice

Well, well, well...it's not over yet, but February so far has been another great month. We've played some of the venues we gigged last year and it was great seeing familiar faces, and people wearing our t-shirts and singing along to our songs. It shows that all the breaking new ground we did last year has paid off! Here's to more of that!

Also this month we've had some more festival bookings come in. Lechlade festival where Status Quo will be headlining and Looe Music Festival. Can't wait! Sure there'll be more coming in as the year goes on.

And in other news, we've had a very, very busy and productive weekend which kicked off with a gig at the Keystone, Guildford, followed by a long drive back to Cornwall which saw us arriving at 5.30 am in the driving snow (during which journey Spirit, band security, decided that one of the mediaeval drums we use was actually a tasty treat and ate the skin off it. Yay. I'll add that to the ever growing pile of wolf damaged items which includes several crates, seat belts, duvets, blankets, beds, braces, belts, bridles, saddles and probably a lot more that I have forgotten over the years!) Despite severe sleep deprivation, Saturday was then spent writing and working on new material for the second album. We actually managed to do 2 new songs and worked up another one that has been in the pipeline for a while. Look out for these at our next gigs!

As for the promised GoPro footage, well, we've got some, but it requires a fair bit of editing so that we don't offend pretty much everybody that could ever take offence at anything. But it is coming!

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