What a year…and it's not over yet!

59 gigs down, 5 to go and 2015 is nearly over for Love Street. What a crazy year it has been! So much has happened both for the band and all its members and 2016 looks like it's going to be even more insane, not least because Jules will be living in Singapore. Yes Singapore. When the leas singer of most bands has to move half way round the world most bands just call it a day, but not Love Street, no, we're actually crazy (or stupid) enough to think that we can make it work. We will make it work. Band time is just going to have to be condensed into blocks of several weeks of extensive touring, writing, recording etc throughout the year. It'll be fine. 

That's the big news. In other news we seems to have started creeping up the bill most places we're playing and appear to be headlining all the next festivals we have coming up in the next few months (including one of our all time favourites, Elfia, in the Netherlands) which is great news for us, we're really excited and hope that 2016 will bring more great things….including the second album which is still lacking fiddle parts as there simply hasn't been the time!

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