Spring and the first week of summer, 2015

Well, I'm sitting in bed, arm strung up in a sling with a broken collar bone trying to kill time. I figured writing a band blog entry one-handed would probably do the trick for a bit.

Looking back on the last few months everything has been a blur…I have no idea where the time's gone but lots seems to have happened. We've already started on the festivals with a long awaited return to the Netherlands to play Elfia again. It was great seeing all our old friends again, even if Jules's drunken antics nearly saw us banned from ever returning and somewhere there is some highly embarrassing footage of one of those very rare occasions where I let my hair down and get drunk. Oops. We've also played some other great festivals and venues over the past few months and have met lots of lovely people in the process. 

Tomorrow sees us going back into the studio with our producer, this time at local Cornish studio- Sawmills, to start working on album number 2. Unfortunately I had a slight mishap with one of my horses yesterday which left be with a collarbone broken in two places, unable to move let alone play the fiddle waiting to hear the verdict from the hospital when I go back in on Tuesday as to weather or not they're going to cut me open and stick a metal plate along my collar bone. 

Hopefully the rest of the band will be able to keep playing without me so we don't have to cancel any more gigs although I'm gutted to miss some of the up and coming shows! Lets hope they can find a dep at such short notice! 

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