Snowdrops appear in Cornwall - that must be a good sign

On one of those days when life decides to throw a number of curved balls at you someone just said to me, "well at least then you will know you sacrificed everything for the band" - it wasn't a positive statement. Life hurts sometimes. But then the next email was from a dear friend and supporter of the band with the possibility of a string of new gigs. Balance. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but to take part you have to be in the game. Even when you're winning there will be times you feel the cuts and bruises of what it has taken to get there but isn't that what life is all about ? So let's see what this year will bring. Funny how sometimes on reflection a bitter disappointment at the time, actually opens the way to a better future. I guess it all comes down to trust, love and belief. It's times like these when you need to reach out to certain and sure hand holds. For me the best hand holds I have are Love Street, its lovely and dedicated members and you out there who follow and support our journey. Bless you for that. As Bon Scott once said, "I'm gonna ride on". Love xx

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