1 month down...

So it's almost the end of January...where did that go? We've had a great start to the year gigging in some fantastic venues and meeting lots of new Love Streeters, and some of the old ones too! 

But enough with that, the really exciting news is that we've got a date set in June for recording album number 2! And this time we'll be recording it in our home county of Cornwall at the famous Sawmills studios, where a whole host of well known artists such as Robert Plant, Muse, Oasis, the Stone Roses, the Verve, Supergrass have worked before us. So now the real work begins as we have to write, rehearse and gig the tracks for the new album, and all this before June. I know June seems like ages away but trying to fit in writing and rehearsals around an already packed gig schedule and a 12 day tour of Ireland and Holland suddenly it doesn't seem like very far off at all! And of course in that time we will also be working on videos for several tracks from Both Sides of the Door. Safe to say this year we've shot straight into a high gear that looks set to stick for the next couple of months at least. 

And in other exciting news, we've also bought a GoPro which we plan on using to treat you all to live footage from our perspective on the stage at gigs...and that will also doubtless be used to allow our followers some sneaky little insights into what we're like off stage and all the riveting things we like to talk about on those long journeys to and from gigs.

So many things already happening and it's only the end of January! Let's see what next month brings.

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