Cold night in January but the nights are getting shorter

So sat in a hotel room in Exeter before flying to Newcastle in the morning. Feeling a little worse for wear after a great night with dear friends in the village. Someone mentioned 6 bottles of champagne, two bottles of Gin, and three quarter of a bottle of Chivas between 4 - surely not !!!

It's amazing how listening to ACDC after Chopin's funeral march can have such an emotional effect on you, or maybe that was the 6 bottles of ..... etc.

Busy making plans for the official country wide release of the album and reviewing treatments for videos thanks to the hugely talented Hugh of Let There Be Light Productions in Sheffield. Some great ideas. Cat also busy writing our application for Glastonbury Festival - how great would that be ? Also - thanks to Chris and Andy - just discovered Show of Hands - how did I miss that ? Roots is such a fantastic song and one whose sentiment I completely support. It's daunting and yet inspiring to listen to such fantastic lyrics. I have again been listening to my favourite song writer Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, if you don't know Counting Crows give them a listen. Their treatment of songs is simply amazing - especially check out how they take Springsteins Thunder Road out of Rain King on the Live From Soho album. Then there is the re-working of Madonna's Borderline - simply beautiful. It was in fact a Counting Crows song that inspired me to write Susanna after visiting the Somme last year.

So more non music work in order to support the band and our next project. It's so hard to be away from the tribe but only Friday until we are at Barnstable and then Cornwall with a weekend of working on new material for album two.

Catch you all soon. Love xxxx

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