And so it begins!

Hello and welcome! As a New Year's resolution Love Street have decided to start keeping a blog where we'll be able to keep you up to date with all the exciting band news as and when it happens so watch this space, you'll read it here first!

Well first and foremost, 2015 is off and running and we're all wondering what it's got in store for us! This time last year we were telling ourselves that if we managed to get 12 gigs in 2014 we'd be happy with that as a first year gigging. We ended up playing over 40 gigs, almost quadruple the number we set ourselves as a target. In that time we also recorded and released 2 singles (which were played on over 20 radio stations across the U.K. and on 4 BBC regional stations) and our first album. What with the gigs, festivals, recording sessions, writing sessions, radio sessions, and even a tour of Ireland we'd say that all in all 2014 was not a bad year...actually it was a brilliant year for us, made all the more wonderful by some of the truly amazing people we've had the honour to meet and work with. But..this does leave us wondering what exciting things are going to happen in 2015!

So after a short but much needed break over Christmas and the New Year, Love Street is back, gearing up for 2015, whatever it may bring! We spent a few days last week working on some new material for all of you which will hopefully feature on album number 2 that we're planning to record and release later on this year and we kicked off the fun and games with a great gig at the Blue Man in Brighton where we were joined by the lovely and talented Ziggy standing in on the bass for Andy. He did an absolutely cracking job especially considering we only managed to get the material to him a few days before the gig! We'll be back playing at the Blue Man again later on this month, and while it's a good 5 or so hours' drive away, and the parking in Brighton is a nightmare, and we didn't get home until 4am, it's all worth it for the great people we get to meet, the lovely venue, and not to mention the amazing kebab shop we found at 11pm that not only did what according to Chris and Jules was one of the best kebabs ever, but also managed to rustle up an amazing vegan wrap full of humus and salad for me. So here's a plug for Mac Doner kebab shop somewhere in Brighton (we're not really sure where it was). 

Anyway, that's enough from me today, I've got band security asking to go for a walk!


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