Name: John Davies

Position: Guitar Player and Vocals

Instruments: Guitars by AcePro, Angelica, Antoria, Brian May, Dean, Eastcoast, Epiphone, Fender, Fernandez, Gibson, Hondo, Hutchings, Ibanez, Marlin, Rikter, Squire, Stagg, Tokai, Washburn, Wilkes, Yamaha. Amps by; Fender, Laney, Marshall, Roland, Vox. Pedals by; Roland. Pick ups by; Steve Smith.

Musical Influences  Crosby Still Nash & Young, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Deep Purple, Albert Lee, Moody Blues, Steve Hillage, Mike Oldfield, Dan Fogelburg.

Favourite Book: Memoirs of a Geisha

Favourite Films: Blues Brothers.

Favourite TV series: Family Guy

Favourite cartoon character: Brian

Musical Background

John is a self taught musician who picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 and was gigging less than a year later. He joined his first semi pro band at the age of 16 and says, "I just kept playing when most of my peers had "settled down".  Over the years John has played everything from Abba to Aerosmith, Gershwin to Grand Funk Railroad, Webber to Whitesnake, you get the idea…  He says of his attitude to playing, "This is simple, I play to entertain, not educate. For me playing is about theatre, about connecting, about emotion, about giving back, I think Love Street does this better than any band I've ever worked with."

John’s fascination with the guitar doesn’t stop at simply playing it, almost as soon as he started learning to play he was interested in how and why it sounded the way it does. That interest led him to develop a considerable knowledge of the instrument, as he says “Many of the guitars that people buy aren’t particularly well set up for playing, many need to be tweaked to get the best out of them”. John regularly “sets up” friend’s guitars, either fret dressing, rewiring circuits or restoring old neglected guitars to former glory. This passion often leads him to picking up weird and wonderful “unknown brand” guitars in second hand shops and getting them to play really well, just for the challenge! Soon after he joined the band, John realised that the broad palette of tones required would mean either swapping over guitars after every song or having a guitar that could provide a wider than average tonal range, so together with his pickup building pal Steve Smith, he set about building a guitar for the band. He says “sourcing a body and neck was easy, getting the right pickups was another matter!” After talking over what was required, Steve built three pickups for the “blue guitar”, each one very different and each one ”hand wound” to perfection. The blue guitar was used for the majority of the album and has become a bit of an icon...