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Well, you have a Belgian fan by now! I sometimes buy the Prog-magazine at the airport and tend to listen ( or fast-forward ) through the attatched CD at home. This time lucky with 3 good tracks on it, but one truelly keeps on ringing in my mind. 'Sleepers' is in it's relative simplicity haunting and enchanting. Shared it with some people by now and am myself eager to their reactions. Mostly my friends have good taste as well! Keep on doing this!
Caught your set at The Lechlade Music Festival last night(23/05/2015).I only saw about half the bands that were appearing 'cos I turned up 6ish!Still,you easily blew everybody else away.Great set,great music and all with great beer. Cheers.Keep up the good work! Rog.
Excellent gig down the Kings Arms on Sat night folks! Once the voices and lyrics were discernible, even better - well done!
We have seen Love Street twice now in our local the Old Plough, and like the finest of red wine's they only get better with time. Their own music encapsulates you, you get hooked quickly, you find your left foot stomping, then the right, before you know it, your clapping along. They really do cast a mystical folklike spell over their audience. If your not satisfied with being spelled bound, than their musicianship deserves the respect only few huge names command. I emplore anyone, if you can, go and feel, hear, and experience it for yourselves. I defy you not to feel it.
Saw you at Witchfest. Came up to you at the end and said how great the set was, and sorry that there wasn't more people there to enjoy it. You should have been on the main stage. Hope you come back to Witchfest. I'll spread the word. :-) Well done guys.
Just checked out some of your music. You guys sound really good. Enjoy the blending of your musical styles and roots. I will keep my eyes open for you if you ever come to Chicago!
Finaly got to see you guys in my neck of the woods at The Railway Hotel Southend last night. Ive heard all the promotional and seen the vids and expected a night of upbeat and melodic music which I got but more than that the drive and the solidarity. You lot bloody Rock as well.
We enjoyed listening to Moving On & Highwayman on the demo disc you gave us. Thanks for the opportunity to hear your band and we'll watch out for your forthcoming disc on the Pals.
Dear Jules, My husband Guy and I met you this morning at Padley Farm and on returning home to Lancaster this evening I (being very nosey) looked you up as I said I would. On the initial listen to your promotional video we like the sound of your music and will definitely buy your next single which I believe you said would be out at the end of October. I will tell the younger end of the market i.e. my children and grandchildren to have a listen, I am sure you can't have too many fans!! In particular I want to say how good you looked when we met you this morning compared to the video I have watched; your loss of weight takes 10 years off you so keep going. I myself some years ago dropped three stones, although on a Weightwatchers diet, and felt so much better for it. Keep up the good work. Good luck to you and your band. Kind regards, Mary Lehmann.
What a great band and great people.Fab music and can highly recommend.Totally rocked the Campfire stage at Sunflowerfest. Get em booked,you wont be disappointed
Just seen your album promo on You Tube - sounding good folks. So pleased you've got this far and look forward to hearing the finished album. Cheers all, Will x
We had an awesome night listening to you and joining in with you in the Plough last night. Easy listening, feel good , true music. You are beautiful people and we would love to see you again. Thank you again for an absolutely fantastic night of great entertainment xxxx
Sitting nearly 200 miles away and listening to you guys on Radio St Austel last sunday eve was a rare treat. Considering all the paid for commercial computer enhanced crap we are dished up every day on radio and tv this was refreshing.. informative and a well balanced performance. You are a young band who travels the length and breadth of the country to reherse and still not many gigs behind you and yet under maybe nervous conditions not a bum note amongst you. You did good guys and I loved every moment of it and would urge others to listen on playback on the station. Thanks for a great show. Steve.
Great band, got the chance to watch you guys in St.Mellion on the 5th of July at a local fundraising event. Great sound and enjoyable to watch, really need to put your stuff on YouTube to spread the sound of Love Street :)
Well they came they saw they conquered, love street have just left the building. The major problem of last night was the lack of audience, but with a majority of tav music standards away at festivals. The barn dance, up the road. And the legends of rock festival down the road, I was quite surprised. To see it fill up for there second set, and that's we're it kicked in, and kicked in big time. I love the clothes the sound and the vibe. Iove street are releasing there original music towards the end of this year and will be playing two venues on saturday over the fringe. I'm booking them in for the inside tea time slot for a bit of a shindig. If you miss em next time you will be gutted. There sea shantys rock, the fiddle rocks lead guitarist has got the major skills of an accomplished rock veteran. It's all there, and dressed in a steam punk, Cornish pirate era, that brings it all together. For a great laugh, a great company, and a great night. Checked out on the net. Rogue out
MR JOHNSON!!!!! We found your website. Folk band would like to wish you the best of luck for the future. :P Don't forget to dance to the beat of the poppadom faries!
Bloody brilliant!
i love love street!!
Brillant . Well worth our wait. Sorry you had such a long wait and problems get to The Big Bursfest 2014. Hopefully we will bump into you again. Have sent your details through to a local Festival Organiser, with my recommendations. Regards Colin
O.M.G!!! I love You Guys!!
I've not seen you guys but through my association with John and his guitars and pickups I've heard the rushes/ the mixes and masters and seen the vids and it's getting better all the time so real good luck for the future to you all. Steve..
Oh my God and Goddess - where can I see this band again. Love Street have to be one of the top bands on the UK Festival circuit. Check out http://youtu.be/JADGQP6GeCk
I'm Lovin' Love Street!! Such talent and incredible band! x